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the top 14 reasons to hire ttc.
# 1

for the must-travel species.

We are fast and efficient. Experienced. We customize your travel to your itinerary and personal needs. We know the locales and details of where you are going. We are always ready to continuously assist you, from first contact to back home again.

# 2

hello? hello?

We are there when you need us. Travel people ready to help. Weather, cancellations, delays... we can help and we do help. Because when you call, we answer.


# 3

hi, its me again.

As we get to know you, it really pays off. Preferences are easy to accommodate when you are always talking to the same knowledgeable, experienced, service-oriented consultant; makes all the difference.

# 4

“I need to re-book.” (That was easy.)

We have seen it all. Nothing upsets or derails us. The client always deserves our best. If you need to re-book, no problem. If you need to make a change, we’ll make it for you. When you look at customer service as the most exciting thing in the business, it makes everything easier. Long lines and waiting on-hold are things of the past.


# 5

“my trip was perfect.”

We maintain profiles of preferences, needs, and special requests for every client. Our agents know their clients by heart. No surprises, no disappointments, no inconveniences. Just “Everything was great.” Happy customers. It’s easy if you really try.

# 6

“there I was in Timbuktu ...”

The client contacted us easily within a few minutes. And we were there to take the call, or the email, or the fax. TTC is a global company working in all continents and most countries around the world. Our communication system is very simple. We answer when you call. When business is on the line, what else matters?

# 7

“we missed the storm.”

Awareness is very important in business travel. A storm can be a disaster in more ways than one. International holidays can be disruptive if you didn’t know. Local customs can be confusing and disorienting. The more information you have while traveling the better the trip will be. We have the information you need and we make every effort to make you aware of everything.

# 8

“what a bargain!”

One fair and comprehensive fee. What else is there to say? We are a bargain.

# 9

“ttc. beats online in more ways than one.”

Offering the same price as an online booking service is not difficult. Most online services cannot be changed... they are what they are (or appear to be.) TTC can manipulate the system, and truly find better fares, more availabilities, options, and upgrades that are just not available online or to the general public.

# 10

“I finally ‘perked’ up.”

After being crammed in, waiting in line, suffering delays and cancellations with no options, some travelers finally wake up. At TTC they “perk up,” too. An upgrade in seats, a complimentary bottle of wine, an invitation to play golf at an exclusive course and many more amenities. A TTC travel consultant is his or her own boss. They are invested in their customers’ success. TTC’s success depends on it.

# 11

we know the secrets.

The really, really small type on the airline and travel forms ... who really reads it? TTC does! Count on it. Mastery of the details of modern travel gives TTC the knowledge and influence to get the airlines to jump through hoops that others don’t even see. We get options that others don’t even know exist. Plus, you can get us on the phone during cancellations and delays before others are getting in those long lines. Even name changes on nontransferable tickets? Yes, if you read the fine print and know the details.

# 12

hassle and headache free.

Remembering a notarized letter when one parent is traveling in a foreign country with a child can head off an avalanche of problems. When it comes to visas, passports, and traveler advisory ... come to TTC. Knowing what to do and when to do it can make a difficult trip something to remember. In a good way.


# 13

“it kept getting better.”

Travel is an insider’s game. If you know about unused ticket credits and how “waitlisting” really works, if you know the secrets to seat assignments then you can almost always get what you want. If you don’t know these things, you can find yourself on the outside, looking in. Stay with the inside game. TTC.

# 14

carry a big stick.

Because of our volume, because of our history, because of our quality, because of the exceptional customers we serve, we have clout way beyond our size. What really matters in travel is what you know and who respects you. TTC is well known and respected everywhere. That can pay off in unexpected ways.



Just 14 reasons to travel with TTC? There are many more. Contact us to discuss...