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Choose ttc. and you’re there.

If you knew what we know about TTC, you’d always call us first. These case studies are true stories of people who have come to us to make dreams come true and keep problems at bay. There are many more than the four presented here. We offer them to you as encouragements to always choose the best in travel planning and assistance – choose TTC.

She had booked an international trip online for $1,600.

Then calendars changed and the dates had to be adjusted. Suddenly the online bargain was $2,500. She called the online company, and actually got a human being but there was no way they could offer a less expensive ticket.

Then she called TTC.

It was quickly clear to us that the new itinerary had caused the jump in price: no Saturday night stay-over. If the traveler were willing to stay one day longer, the fare would drop by $1,472, a 60 percent savings.

Since the same route is traveled regularly by this company, we advised saving the current ticket for a future credit, and buying the less expensive ticket for this trip. Since this company – now our new client – travels this route at least ten times per year, they would be saving almost $15,000.

“Thank you,” she said.

Buying online to avoid a higher fee? Come to TTC and save some real money. Call us and get the best deals. Our knowledge can save you time and money.

In Virgin Gorda, the winds were light and warm.

The beaches were beautiful and inviting. In Boston, a storm was brewing with the promise of swirling snow and ice and the airport closing.

While our clients were relaxing in a tropical paradise, we gave them a call. The airline had just announced that because of the storm, travelers could rebook their flights without penalty. We offered a suggestion. They agreed. We rebooked their return flight through St. Maarten, with a short private air charter from Virgin Gorda to St. Maarten. We reserved two extra nights for them in the same rooms at their resort, Rosewood Little Dix Bay.

Instead of a nightmare of delays and cancellations, our clients enjoyed an untroubled extra two days and then a smooth return home. For them the changes were seamless and effortless. An hour after we completed the new itinerary, the airline sold out. Our timely and experienced action turned the troubled skies of Boston into two more days in heaven. Our clients were very happy. “You were our guardian angel.”

When you deal with a TTC advisor, it may seem like a miracle, but it’s just our knowledge and experience making things happen for you.

She had worked on it for an hour.

Surfing between websites, comparing pricing, estimating all the variables involved in an extended trip to Italy. Finally, she had it done: the ideal itinerary. She called us, perhaps to get a second opinion, perhaps to gloat. “Why do I need a travel consultant?” she may have been thinking. She was a first-time caller to our offices. Listening to her agenda, we had a few questions: Why Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris? They are notorious for missed connections and delays and she had allowed only one hour to make her connection. Why this airline? We suggested an alternative at the same price, and they are renowned for being on time and TTC can arrange preferred seating with them. We answered all her questions about baggage and insurance. We easily facilitated her train bookings as well. She booked the trip with us. When an unfortunate cycling accident in Europe required changes in her itinerary, we easily helped her make the adjustments.

She was pleased with our sympathetic and understanding customer service. “It was great to have a familiar voice on the phone to talk to when I needed help.”

You never know when you will need help traveling the world. But you do know that TTC will be with you from the moment you begin your planning until you are back home again.

Our client lived in Rochester, New York.

Her adult daughter was working in the U.S. embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. She wanted to have a mother/daughter getaway in Istanbul, and then spend some time together with her grandchildren in Beirut.

First, she went online to Expedia. Departing from Rochester at noon, her Delta flight was scheduled to arrive 15 hours later in Istanbul, by way of a connection in New York. Then a non-stop flight on Middle East Airlines (1:45 hours) arriving in Beirut at 1:00 in the afternoon. Ten days later, our client was to leave Beirut on a 20-plus-hour flight to Rochester with connections in Paris and New York. Expedia price: $1,636.20.

But before she clicked on Expedia’s “buy now” button, she asked us for a second opinion.

We suggested a quick Delta flight (1:25 hours) from Rochester to New York City. Then a second Delta flight, non-stop to Istanbul (10:05 hours), and finally the Middle East Airlines flight to Beirut (1:45 hours). Going home, we suggested the Middle East flight from Beirut to Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris (4:45 hours), then Air France non-stop to JFK (8:15 hours), and then a Delta connection to Rochester (1:39 hours). TTC price: $1,214.

One more note: For their mother/daughter getaway stay, we also recommended the Park Hyatt Istanbul’s Macka Palas Hotel, one of Istanbul’s most luxurious, in the King Spa room.

Expedia’s rate: $2,208 for three nights.

TTC’s rate: $1,440 for three nights, including a $75 food and beverage credit.

Total trip savings with TTC: $1,190.20.

Case closed.